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Transform OTs into Modular Units in Just Five Day for 10X Improved Air Quality with Ductless Air Handling Systems.

Ductless Laminar Airflow System
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"Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Infection Control Excellence"

Almed Equipment, an ISO-certified healthcare manufacturer in India, boasts 15 years of excellence, earning accolades for innovative infection control solutions. Recognized at prestigious events like MT India Healthcare Awards and Worldcon, Almed specializes in pandemic-responsive technologies, including a tested Negative Pressure System with a 0.1-micron HEPA filter coated with virus-deactivating agents for enhanced protection.

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"Comprehensive Hospital Solutions, All in One Place."


Ceiling Suspended AHU cum LAF

Innovative Ductless AHU and LAF combo ensure economical, compact Class I air quality. Features ionizers, 0.3-micron HEPA filter, and efficient power consumption.


PPGI Operation Theatre

Exemplary PPGI Modular Operation Theatres, following NABH guidelines, equipped with essential amenities. Diverse designs cater to varied client demands.


Proudly introducing the groundbreaking Ductless Air Handling Unit with a double skin acoustic panel, HEPA filter, and compliance with NABH guidelines.

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ACP Operation Theatre

“Cost-effective, jointless operation theatres with antifungal ACP. Rapid installation, diverse designs, sizes, and antibacterial properties for efficient turnkey solutions.”

Surgeon Control Panel

Surgeon Control Panel

“Innovative OT control panels for hospitals, ensuring safety and ease with microcontroller-based electronic touch screen technology.”


Manual Swing Door

“Leading stainless steel swing door manufacturer, Almed Equipments, guarantees premium quality, durability, and hassle-free usability for healthcare environments.”

Ductless Laminar Airflow System

“Discover top-tier Ductless Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Mumbai and Chennai, offering innovative healthcare solutions with HEPA filters, thermal break, and optimal air quality compliance.”

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We Make Hospital Equipment Manufacturing Exciting!

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“Choose us for innovative solutions, a success guarantee, on-time service, and a professional team with industry expertise.”


What Our Clients Say

"Revolutionary Ductless AHU ensures sterile OT air. Compliance with NABH. Efficient, easy maintenance. A game-changer for healthcare facilities!
Dr. Saiesha
"Transformative Ceiling Suspended AHU cum LAF. Economical, Class I air quality. Efficient, low power consumption. Anesthetic gas removal. Exceptional innovation!
Dr. Parag
"Ceiling Suspended AHU cum LAF exceeds expectations: optimal air quality, efficiency, and effective anesthetic gas removal.
Dr. Pervin

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