Surgeon Control Panel

Theater of Operations Hospitals employ Operation Theater Control Panels to help them comply with electrical safety regulations by managing high Hospitals can comply with electrical safety regulations by using Operation Theater Control Panels to manage both high- and low-voltage equipment. The ‘Membrane’ type OT control panel is configured to incorporate all the service required in an operation theatre Being highly experienced and innovative Operation Theatre Control Panel Manufacturers in India, Modular Healthcare System designs control panels to keep pace with the changing technology and equipment in the medical industry. With high-quality raw material and advanced manufacturing techniques, we provide a range of user-friendly operation theatre control panels that ease the operation process. We directly mount the microcontroller based electronic control panel on the theatre wall that can be easily controlled through the simple touch screen.
Our Operation Theatre Control Panels’ features include:
constructed from a superior-grade UV-resistant membrane
The alarm panel for medical gas
Module for HEPA filter stands
An indicator of room pressure
Control of humidity and temperature
Put efficiency first.