Static Pass Box

Because these are so vital, every operating room must have a pass box. It is necessary to have at least one pass box for each operating theater. Because these boxes are used to remove waste from the operating theater, they are also known as pass boxes. The two electrically operated doors that come with our pass box are included. We employ cutting-edge technology to operate the door so that only one door opens at a time. Additionally, an automated UV light is built into the case, and it stays on even when you electronically close both doors. When you open any of the doors, the light goes off. We installed the sensors and indication together to track when the doors open and close. As a manufacturer of pass boxes, we strictly oversee the whole manufacturing process with the assistance of our engineers. Since we view the product’s quality as our primary advantage, we work hard to provide our clients with the greatest medical supplies. One piece of that medical equipment is the pass box. We handle each and every one of our clients with the utmost care because we want to build lasting relationships with them.