Ductless Laminar Airflow System

By creating a filtered and sterile air tent on the operating table, the Ductless Laminar Air Flow System provides the highest standards of patient safety. This air tent keeps the contaminated air out of the air tent. Class I (1–10 Particles) air quality is found near the HEPA filter in the Ductless Laminar Air Flow System. Class III (100–1000 Particles) and Class IV (1000–10,000 Particles) air quality are found on the Operation Theatre table.The quality of the air in the Operation Theater Advantages of the Laminar Air Flow System Without Ducts:- A 0.18 kW blower to provide a 90–120 FPM air velocity at the grill or diffuser level. Simple daily upkeep from within the OT The UV light provided by the system prevents germs and fungi from growing on the HEPA filter, which has a lifespan of two to three years. A digital differential pressure gauge provides an audiovisual alert and a display of the HEPA filter’s condition. Display of temperature and humidity on LAF show